Every year on World Refrigeration Day, which takes place tomorrow on 26 June, the entire industry in Australia comes together to promote the essential nature of HVACR.

This includes nationwide celebrations in the lead up to the big event which will take place today Friday,  25 June.

Let’s celebrate an industry that provides crucial services to maintain health, safety, and comfort to millions of our places of work and rest, including our homes, businesses, hospitals, and schools. Providing these services remains our core responsibility but the global pandemic in 2020 made it particularly challenging.

The industry had to adapt and overcome to continue to provide these essential services.

This ability and willingness to persevere is testament to the industry’s strength, driven by unity, grit, and collaboration.

The quiet workhorse which is the HVACR industry doesn’t always command much attention. But this year, more than ever, it is important to come together to broadcast what we do.

A key supporter of World Refrigeration Day every year is Reece which has a 100 year history in Australia and is the proud owner of Actrol, Reece HVAC and Metaflex stores.

Reece customer lead for HVACR, Andrew Ellis, said the company is proud of the work it undertakes each day at its branches nationwide.

“Customers are the reason why we’re here and we stand behind them,” he said.

“We are extremely proud of the work our customers and branches do every day. World Refrigeration Day allows us to show that and give back to our customers and our staff.”

Commenting on the many challenges of 2020, Ellis said Reece had to adapt to ensure customers were still accommodated in an ever-shifting landscape.

“We had a strong focus on supporting our customers to help them continue to provide essential work through COVID-safe practices in-store, online ordering through the maX app, and contactless pick-up and delivery,” Ellis said.

“So, this year, to support our HVACR professionals and celebrate the essential services they provided in a challenging year we will be joining the celebrations.

“On Friday, 25 June, everyone is welcome to drop into their local Reece HVAC, Metalflex, or ACTROL branch to celebrate. But, if you are unable to join us take a minute to feel proud for being a part of this important industry.”



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