• Quay Quarter Tower
    Quay Quarter Tower

Since its inception, Quay Quarter Tower has aimed to be a world class smart building, within a smart precinct.

The head of asset technology at AMP Capital Real Estate, Daniel Lepore, will present a case study on this impressive building at the upcoming ARBS Exhibition.

The session focuses on how cutting-edge technology and data foundations is creating smart, safe, sustainable operational outcomes and intuitive experiences.

Lepore is accountable for the business’s strategic technology roadmap ensuring delivery of value through technology adoption.

His portfolio covers logistics, retail and cyber security risk. He has successfully established the foundations for sophisticated smart building applications as well as the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence to generate meaningful actionable insights.

The session will also cover the customer experience through a shift in workplace and retail expectations.

Lepore is an accomplished technologist with a passion for delivering innovative solutions that enable sustained, practical outcomes for people, building operations and real estate owners. He also has more than 10 year experience successfully developing, executing and verifying energy efficiency measures through building automation and performance contracting, He understands the crucial role technology will play in reducing our impact on the climate, sustaining healthy buildings and solving real world problems.

The case study will be presented on 17 August at 11.30am. The ARBS Exhibition will be held from 16 to 18 August, 2022.

This session is part of IBTech@ARBS which is a dedicated precinct within ARBS where visitors can explore cutting-edge intelligent building technologies and solutions.

Data and technology are transforming the built environment. As smart building solutions continue to evolve, they allow property developers and owners to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and enhance occupant comfort.

Recent advancements have meant greater integration and interoperability between key systems, resulting in highly sophisticated building control strategies.

IBTech@ARBS will lead the discussion on the future of connected buildings, enabled by intelligent and sustainable design.


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