• Ian Hopkins, ARBS Foundation Chair
    Ian Hopkins, ARBS Foundation Chair

There’s a new qualification for HVAC&R professionals, with the ARBS Foundation providing $39,000 to AIRAH to assist in the development of a Professional Diploma in Energy-Efficient Sustainable HVAC.

Delivered online, the diploma will consist of four key units: compliance with energy and sustainable codes of practice; energy -efficient and sustainability in building services operations and maintenance; evaluation of design principles of energy-efficient HVAC systems and the key design issues energy-efficient HVAC systems.

The funding support was announced by ARBS Foundation chair Ian Hopkins. Through education and overtime, ARBS believes the industry will benefit because of more efficient energy use in buildings, especially reduced HVAC energy, improved indoor air quality along with a less intensive environmental impact.

AIRAH CEO, Tony Gleeson told CCN: “AIRAH is very thankful to the ARBS Foundation for the investment in the development of this diploma which will help to make a significant difference in the compliance to codes and standards in the very important design of energy efficient HVAC systems”.

Meanwhile, ARBS has also introduced a scholarship to help sole traders become accredited assessors in the Energy and Water for Offices discipline. The funding is being provided to offer financial assistance to workers who’ve been adversely affected by COVID-19.

David Eynon, ARBS Foundation Executive Officer
David Eynon, ARBS Foundation Executive Officer

David Eynon, ARBS Foundation Executive Officer explained that in this round, eight scholarships have been offered. On this occasion, the financial assistance was provided only to sole traders.

"This cohort were chosen firstly, because through this initiative an increase in the number of assesses will result, and secondly, sole traders face difficult times in this COVID-19 environment,” Eynon said.  ARBS Foundation Executive Officer. “Under the terms of the scholarship, 80 per cent of the course fees will be reimbursed. The scholarships were quickly taken up which demonstrates the training is highly valued.”

The ARBS Education and Research Foundation is committed to supporting further education of people employed in the HVAC industry along with practical research into contemporary industry issues. The Foundation achieves these objectives by making financial grants and scholarships to individuals and organisations.

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