Sydney-based global architects, BVN, have joined with the industry lobby group #Architects Declare to call for net zero emissions for all Australian home designs.

The call is for the federal government to update the National Construction Code to mandate net zero emissions for new housing.

The standard would require that all new homes be designed as energy efficient, have roofs oriented for solar access, include photovoltaics and batteries, not including gas.

This will enable homes to run entirely on self-generated renewable solar power.

It is calculated that these elements will add approximately two per cent to the cost of an average home.

But that cost would be more than offset by savings to energy costs, from efficiency and using renewable energy sources.

Australian homes contribute 13 to 20 per cent of the national CO2-e emissions, but BVN believes they do not need to.

The Australian architecture and building industry knows how to create net zero emission homes, cost effectively.

Under the government’s current proposed NCC updates, each average sized new home will still be allowed to cause five tonnes of carbon emissions every year.

That would require 3000 new trees per house to offset its lifetime emissions, #Architects Declare say that is not necessary.

By adjusting this to require net zero emissions, this can be completely turned around.

An online campaign has been instigated that will be presented to all suitable building ministers, for more information: net-zero-emissions-for-the-national-construction-code

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