The healthy lifestyle mantra that has transformed consumer eating habits has now reached the air conditioning industry.

Nutritional eating habits have become synonymous with a good quality lifestyle which is why the hottest food trends today incorporate plant-based super foods and alcohol free beer.

This trend has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers seek out sustainable products with features that contribute to a safe and healthy lifestyle.

When buying an air conditioner comfort is important but a product that guarantees the buyer is breathing healthy air is essential.

The pandemic has elevated indoor air quality to the forefront of buying decisions which is why smart manufacturers are utilising technology to create environments that are clean and safe.

A prime example is the recent release of Hitachi’s P series wall mounted split system which cleans the air as well as the actual unit.

The auto-clean robot has a brush to sweep dust into the dust box to ensure the filter is kept clean at all times.

This is in addition to the Frost Wash technology which removes dust particles, mould, and bacteria.

Intelligent sensor technology identifies the number of people in a room and their location for maximum comfort.

This is supported by room layout search technology which directs the air to avoid cooling walls and furniture unnecessarily. Energy efficiency is no longer a product feature because it is simply expected.

HITACHI ‘P’ series wall mounted split units are available with a 2.5,3.5 & 5kW nominal cooling capacity.

Another innovator that has been able to deliver on all these fronts is Temperzone with the imminent release of its Econex R32 Inverter package range.

Innovation has always been a hallmark of the Temperzone experience but this release the Australian manufacturer has really taken innovation to the next level.

Advanced Dry Mode and Super Dry Mode can only be achieved by Temperzone Econex units as they utilise optimised Dual Electronic Refrigeration Valve control (IP protected) to achieve exceptional dehumidification performance across the unit’s full operation range.

Advanced dry mode can provide de-humidification over a wide range of operating conditions and unit duty whilst the indoor fan speed can remain constant.

Increased energy efficiency and effective load matching are key design features of the Econex OPA range.

This is a system created to assist organisations in their carbon reduction efforts while still providing exceptionally wide heating and cooling ranges. For example, the OPA 350 will deliver a heating capacity 27 per cent above rated, and a cooling capacity 30 per cent above nominal.

As standard, all unit’s feature EC plug fans and EC condenser fans, dual electronic expansion valves and inverter compressors.

Temperzone’s UC8 intelligent control logic enables the synergistic control of these components for significantly improved seasonal energy efficiency when compared to fixed speed solutions, achieving total cooling seasonal performance factors as high as 6.414 with the OPA 250.

Temperzone has always made installation easy and cost-effective and with this release the unit’s footprint has been reduced by up to 22 per cent when compared to current R410a models.  The Econex range is available in 25kW, 35kW, 45kW, and 55kW nominal cooling capacities.

The global pandemic has also forced buyers to take a closer look at Australian manufacturers to overcome supply chain disruptions, it’s just smart business in the current climate.

Global supply chain disruptions have forced customers to take a closer look at Australian manufacturers, it is just smart business in the current climate.

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