Daikin Australia has a long history of being a champion for diversity, not only within its own organisation but throughout the HVACR industry.

In fact, Daikin has been the sponsor for the Woman of the Year in HVACR Award since its inception.

Speaking at the launch of the 2019 HVACR Leadership Awards, the national marketing manager at Daikin Australia, Dan Tosh, said diversity means attracting the best talent to the business.

In the past two years, Daikin Australia has achieved a 50% increase in female employment and 44% of all promotions have been for female employees.

Tosh said the winner of this award should not only be an exceptional leader but a mentor to young women entering the industry.

“We constantly search for ways in which we can improve our support to customers and grow the industry,” he said.

“We would like to cultivate and foster the same enthusiasm to see more women contributing in an even greater capacity.”

This award is not just about engineers or technicians it covers all areas of the industry as it recognises the successful career of a woman working in HVACR.  The winner should be able to demonstrate excellence in her field and be a source of inspiration for other women.

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