IP technology leader CPA Global has launched a global campaign – New IP – calling on the international IP industry to radically re-imagine the business of innovation.

According to CPA Global, the 2020s are set to be the decade of radical digital change for the IP and Innovation industries and the law firms that strategically advise them.

The risk, says CPA Global, is that by ignoring the digital imperative the IP industry - which remains reliant on infrastructure and processes which are rapidly approaching breaking point – will itself will become a brake on the pace of global innovation,

Driving this race toward 'New IP', according to a new CPA Global report, are a number of factors set to revolutionise how the IP industry works - and the pace and method of how innovations are brought to market, including: Blockchain; Artificial intelligence; Big Data and increasing global cooperation between national IP regimes.

This reality requires the industry to radically re-think its approach to many aspects of IP and innovation, and those that lead and embrace the idea of 'New IP' will ensure they make better business decisions.

Chief strategy officer at CPA Global, Toni Nijm, intangible assets, notably IP, are continuing to grow as a share of company values. Businesses, he said, will either thrive or wither on the basis of their ideas.

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Next month CCN presents a 10-page snapshot of the latest innovative products for 2020.


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