In current market conditions, implementing smart machines with intuitive design is essential to differentiate your business and maintain productivity. 

With limited resources and increasing demand for agile production, operators are required to embrace a broader scope of responsibilities including operating and monitoring multiple machines. It is therefore important to have simple and intuitive interfaces that help operators control machines in an efficient way.

Schneider Electric’s Harmony Range is ideal for achieving such ergonomic goals while enhancing operational efficiency & equipment availability. 

With a wide variety of modern solutions from pushbuttons, relays and signaling devices to Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and intelligent connected products that visualise, gather and process data, this innovative range enable operators to make informed decisions while achieving connectivity, ease of use and aesthetics at a cost-effective price point.

Designed for industrial applications, the Harmony range is highly adaptable under a wide range of temperatures and has great resistance to moisture, shock, vibration and harsh chemicals. 

Inform decision-making with Harmony Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Harmony HMI ST6 is designed to improve efficiency with the right balance of cost and functionality.

To help you improve industrial processes, this innovative HMI centralises and displays information with best in class graphics to optimise decision making.

It has a ready to use platform agnostic terminal and allows visualisation of all devices with a HTML5 server so you can conveniently view process data & monitor machine performance from mobile devices.

With greater need for businesses to save time and minimise costs, Harmony HMI has a range of features to help you efficiently install, configure and perform maintenance.

By having 2 ethernet ports to facilitate machine communication between multiple devices, Harmony HMI can generate time savings in the configuration stage.

To enable faster installation, the Harmony HMI design has incorporated a new fastener to enable you to mount the interface quickly without the need for a screwdriver. Remote maintenance is also an option with Harmony HMI.

By connecting the interface to EcoStruxure Secure Connect Advisor, you can efficiently perform diagnoses and remedy issues offsite.

Fix the basics & optimise your operator interface with Harmony

Similarly, ease of use is not limited to the HMI alone but is also affected by the choice of pushbuttons, relays and signaling devices.  With Harmony range, you can build high-performance machines easily with greater reliability and efficiency.

With its modern design (like built-in flush pushbuttons range) and innovative features (like NFC Control Relays & Timers offer) you can add a touch of style & robustness to your machines & panels without compromising on cost.

To enhance connectivity, Harmony has USB and RJ45 ports to enable easy and secure connection to machine. This enables you to connect to a PC or USB memory devices to export data and update PLC, HMI and VSD programs without the need to open the machine or panel, enhancing convenience and safety.

When operators control machines, alarms are vital to enable them to react quickly to unusual situations. Illuminated buzzers & Illuminated E-Stop provide such feedback to make operator’s work simpler and more efficient.

As you can see, Schneider Electric’s Harmony range provides you with cost-effective solutions that improves operator efficiency and enhances the safety.

To learn more about the Harmony Range, please visit the Schneider Electric Webpage.

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