The ARBS Education and Research Foundation has made available a $39,000 grant to assist in the development of a Professional Diploma in Energy Efficient Sustainable HVAC.

The foundation, which supports industry by supporting HVAC education and research through grants and scholarships, has made the funding available to the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Heating (AIRAH) .

Foundation chair, Ian Hopkins, said the diploma will be delivered online and will consist of four key units of competence.

These are: compliance with energy and sustainable codes of practice; energy efficient and sustainability in building services operations and maintenance; evaluation of design principles of energy-efficient HVAC systems and; key design issues energy-efficient HVAC systems.

“Through education and overtime, the industry will benefit because of more efficient energy use in buildings, especially reduced HVAC energy, improved indoor air quality along with being sustainable,” Hopkins said.

 AIRAH CEO, Tony Gleeson said investment in the development of this diploma will make a significant difference when it comes to compliance to codes and standards in the design of energy efficient HVAC systems.

“Development of the diploma content is underway and it will be subject to peer review to ensure that the most up-to-date industry developments are incorporated,” he said.

 All participants will be required to complete the AIRAH assessment process to receive the diploma.