The current COVID-19 crisis highlights the responsibilities of HVACR engineers and technicians, along with service and maintenance personnel, building owners and operators to carefully assess building ventilation systems and their conditions.

Proper ventilation, with a higher degree of fresh air supply and air exchange, the use of the correct filter types and careful maintenance can be important factors in the containment of the coronavirus outbreak, according to a statement issued by Eurovent Middle East, an industry body for HVACR equipment manufacturers.

The organisation outlines basic recommendations to minimise risks related to the transmission of airborne viruses through ventilation and air-conditioning systems in an effort to contain the outbreak.

Eurovent said the basic recommendations, directly or indirectly bear on the spread of viruses and the well-being of people in occupied spaces.

“These recommendations are based on an industry wide consensus and should provide guidance on best practises in relation to air filtration and ventilation in the current crisis,” the statement said.

“While in most cases ventilation systems are a given and cannot be modified in the short term, conducting careful assessment of the ventilation installations and carrying out the correct maintenance measures can assist in preventing the propagation of the virus.”

Eurovent Middle East president, Brian Suggitt, said everyone has a responsibility to support the government’s efforts to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus and minimise its effects.

“We have put together several recommendations in regard to ventilation and air filtration which we see as important to be followed,” Suggitt said.

“While just a small part of the fight against the virus, these measures can have an essential effect in reducing the impact of the disease on our healthcare system.”

The industry association has published documents with recommendations for building owners, operators and maintenance personnel on air-filtration, ventilation and maintenance procedures.

For further information and expert advice on the recommendations or additional measures like installation of UV (ultraviolet) systems or air cleaners, the association encourages individuals to reach out to reliable suppliers, manufacturers or to the association.




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