The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) notified members of a database breach last week confirming that no credit card information or financial information was accessed.

The GBCA said there has been unlawful access to its member contact, project and stakeholder database by an unknown external party. Immediate action was taken to stop this unlawful access, the council said in a statement.

"We believe that this breach may have exposed the contact details of our member firms and industry stakeholders. This includes organisation names, employee names and job titles, employee and organisational email addresses and phone numbers, and organisational mailing addresses," the GBCA said.

"It may also include high-level details of Green Star projects, such as project applicant and contact, project summary, rating achieved and project assessor names. This does not include access to Green Star project submissions.

"No credit card information or financial information was accessed as we do not retain that information on our systems. All our financial transactions are handled externally through our financial service provider.

"No passwords were accessed, but you will be asked to reset your password at your next login as a precaution."

The council is undertaking a review of its systems and security measures to find out how the breach occurred.

"We are committed to improving the integrity of our systems, and are taking action to reduce the likelihood of this happening again," the GBCA said.

"Protecting the privacy of our stakeholders is of paramount importance to the GBCA."