• Trade show floor at ARBS.
    Trade show floor at ARBS.

ARBS is hosting an insight tour and leadership forum today which includes a rare behind-the-scenes tour of plant rooms with cutting-edge HVACR technology.

This exclusive event features a tour of the International Convention Centre’s plant rooms ICC Sydney’s plant room as well as Salesforce Tower showcasing the inner workings of cutting-edge HVACR technology and unparalleled insights into the engineering marvels that power these buildings.

The forum transitions into a thought-provoking panel discussion over lunch with industry experts David Blanch (Bitpool), Mikaila Ganado (AIRAH board member), Mark Mitchell (AMCA Australia board member), and Jennifer Elias (CIBSE board member) delve into the crucial topics shaping our industry.

They will examine the workforce of tomorrow, the essential skills required to thrive in the future landscape, and strategies to overcome current skills shortages.

Participants will engage in vital conversations about the trajectory of HVACR, the integration of AI, and the drive towards net zero emissions.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an emerging leader, the ARBS Insight Tour and Leadership Forum is an invaluable opportunity to make connections and gain the knowledge needed to lead the industry into a sustainable, technologically advanced future.

Panellists include Bitpool CTO, David Blanch, Artelier Ten associate for sustainable design, Jennifer Elias, GWA Consultants director, Mikaila Ganado.

With over 20 years’ mechanical engineering experience in the built environment and water services sector, Ganado has extensive experience in design, project management, commissioning, maintenance, and operations.

The final panellist is AG Coombs executive general manager, Mark Mitchell.