Innotech has been at the forefront of training in building automation products for more than 30 years.

That is decades of experience and expertise that the company has shared with the HVAC industry.

Innotech systems trainer, Walter Colaiaco, said in more recent times the company has collaborated with many local and international Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to offer a modern introductory HVAC Building Management System package.

The course was developed in-house to meet the unit of competency criteria by Innotech’s full time trainer and assessor.

“This was in direct response to the RTOs need to provide current technology and materials to upskill people in the HVAC sector,” Colaiaco said.

“We saw this as an opportunity to support the RTOs but it also provided a way for Innotech to give back to the industry.

“Course offerings have grown since 2012, driven by key individuals, resulting in the successful delivery to many students globally.”

Colaiaco is proud to point out that this has not only benefitted the RTO's delivering the course, but provided skills for the industry as a whole.

“This is important due to the ever changing world of Building Management Systems and controls system product evolution,” he said.

“By maintaining the development of the supplied course, we can ensure that the materials and information provided are kept up to date allowing the students to obtain information on products they may encounter in the workplace.

“We have also seen the course adapted into other areas of study within universities and colleges both locally in Australia and the United States of America.”

The controls package, which includes a selection of Innotech Digital controllers and all materials, is available to any interested RTO and is free of charge.

“We can assist the institute with integrating the package into their curriculum and can modify the content to suit their delivery requirements,” he said.

“We see this as a long term commitment and we are continually seeking training organisations who are passionate about the industry.

“We want to deliver value and ensure students have access to the latest technologies and practices available.”

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