There are three Finalists competing for the Innovator of the Year Award.

Once again this award is sponsored by Toshiba Air Conditioning. The Finalists are:

TopWise founder/director, Paul Hawkins, has provided the HVACR industry with a cost effective platform that allows manufacturers and suppliers to use TopWise for warranty and after sales service. Suppliers can track their products through the warranty phase and beyond. The system is great for managing contractors, refrigerants, assets, tools, clients, in fact every aspect of the business.

Regulator Australia CEO, Neil Kenny, has been at the forefront of industry innovation in Australia for 44 years. During that time Regulator has developed many new and advanced control systems for the HVAC industry. Kenny spent many hours listening to the complaints of technicians, investing in R&D and has maintained a commitment to the design, development and manufacture of solutions right here in Australia.

Western Sydney University senior lecturer, Vahid Vakiloroaya, is an innovator on a mission. Not only is he the author of 12 engineering books, Vakiloroaya has been recognised as one of the top 50 most innovative engineers in Australia by Engineers Australia. His very own invention which has been commercialised here and overseas and can reduce the electricity consumption of air conditioning systems by 20-40% and greenhouse gas emissions by 15-30%. 



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