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Midea Carrier has announced its winning sweep to provide climate control solutions to all of the 12 new sports arenas and facilities being built in Brazil for the 2016 Olympic Games.

The joint venture entity comprising Carrier and Midea will provide variable refrigerant flow (VRF) products and large tonnage Chiller units for the 2016 Olympic Games to be held from August 5 to 21 later this year.

Midea Carrier has won the tenders for all of the sports arenas and auxiliary facilities in both Barra and Deodoro Olympic Parks.

As the sole provider of HVAC solutions, Midea Carrier will install V5X-series VRF units in all facilities to ensure ventilation at a consistent temperature range throughout the 2016 Sports Games.

The Barra Olympic Park spreads across an area of 1,180 km2, hosting five stadiums, COT training centres, one hotel and news media offices. The Deodoro Olympic Park will be the second largest concentration of competition venues, hosting two stadiums and 11 Olympic sports.

The V5X-series VRF units boast a high operational efficiency with low energy consumption, thanks to its advanced DC (direct current) inverter technology, precision refrigerant control, energy-saving heat transfer, and powerful low-temperature heating technologies. The VRF has a maximum parallel capacity of 88HP, as well as the leading integrated part load value (IPLV) of 8.3W/W.

Midea Carrier's commercial director, Marcos Torrado, said once again the joint venture will showcase its expertise in managing the largest sporting spaces.

“In the 2014 FIFA World Cup Football Games, our solutions were installed in 9 of the 12 arenas built for the competition, totaling 75 per cent of the works. Now we have won 100% of the works in new sporting arenas and auxiliary facilities.” he said.

The chillers specified are AquaSnap 30RBA units running on R410A. The Deodoro Arena and Aquatic Park also include Weathermaker 50TC rooftop units, also running on R410A.

The joint venture between US manufacturer Carrier and Chinese company Midea was created in 2011 and covers the manufacture and distribution of HVAC systems and home appliances in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

With two plants in Brazil, the company boasts the largest air conditioner manufacturing facility in Latin America, with installed capacity that exceeds one million units per year.




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