• How the AirJoule System works.
    How the AirJoule System works.

Montana Technologies LLC has formed a joint venture with GE Vernova, a global leader in electrification, decarbonization, and energy solutions.

The deal incorporates GE Vernova's proprietary sorbent materials into systems that utilize Montana's patented AirJoule dehumidification, air conditioning, and atmospheric water harvesting technology.

The joint venture will exclusively manufacture and supply products incorporating the combined technologies to leading original equipment manufacturers and customers in the Americas, Africa, and Australia.

The joint venture will also leverage Montana's global supply agreement with BASF, which is expected to supply the new sorbent materials at production scale.

The joint venture follows the recent execution of an agreement between Montana and Carrier Corp. to commercialize the AirJoule technology in Carrier's Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) products throughout the Americas, Europe, India, and the Middle East.

GE Vernova vice president of business development Rob Duffy said combination of proprietary water harvesting technologies developed by GE Vernova's Advanced Research team with Montana's AirJoule system represents a major breakthrough in air-conditioning and air-to-water generation.

“Our joint venture with Montana is an opportunity to make an important impact on our world, our environment, and our future,” he said.

Combining GE Vernova's proprietary sorbents and coating processes with Montana's AirJoule technology is expected to improve the atmospheric water harvesting efficiency of the AirJoule system.

The AirJoule system utilizes a self-regenerating pressure swing adsorption method to harvest thermal energy and pure water from air. Incorporating GE Vernova's sorbent innovations into this proprietary system has the potential to reduce electricity consumption as compared to conventional air conditioning cooling systems and result in a corresponding reduction in carbon emissions as well as a reduction, or in some cases elimination, of refrigerants.

In addition, the combined technologies can harvest pure water from air at low cost, offering a potential solution to water scarcity around the world.

Montana CEO, Matt Jore, said the partnership is an opportunity to accelerate the energy- water nexus frontier, thereby reducing the cost and carbon footprint byproducts of air conditioning and fostering the cost-effective production of pure water from air.