• BITZER's Gen 8 cascade system
    BITZER's Gen 8 cascade system

Australia is home to the latest in refrigeration technology.

The Generation-8 Cascade CO2 parallel compressor system is the latest CO2 cascade refrigeration system being manufactured by BITZER right here in Australia.

The cascade system (pictured) has been designed and manufactured on Australian shores.

The Gen-8 is a cascade plant with BPHE condensers that can be selected for various high-side configurations, including Glycol or DX Refrigeration Systems including R134a, R513a or other refrigerants upon request.

BITZER includes the Buffalo Trident DeSuperheater as standard for increased energy efficiency.

The system has many standard options to benefit the installer as well as the end user to enable the system to operate and be maintained as efficiently as possible.

The cascade CO2 system is proven technology and has been applied extensively in supermarket, industrial and commercial applications across Australia and around the world.

CCN understands the Australian manufactured BITZER Rack will be installed by a major supermarket chain in Sydney.

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