No two days are the same for Lee Nyssen & Bridie O’Brien, co-owners of Melbourne based refrigeration business Chilled Solutions.

These are two technicians with a passion for the trade. They believe in quality workmanship and that includes using the best products.

Chilled Solutions specialises in the hospitality industry with a particular focus on beer reticulation.

O’Brien and Nyssen know they have an important role to play when it comes to keeping food fresh and guaranteeing every pour is at the perfect temperature.

“If not, our customers stand to lose a lot of business and money. If your cold room, which is servicing a kitchen, goes down on a Friday night that’s a weekend of stock lost,” O’Brien said.

“As a business owner you need to have faith in the people fixing your cold room. It is important to know they will fix it properly instead of giving you a three-day solution that doesn’t work and charging you for both visits.”

The Chilled Solutions duo have a strong client relationship with the newly opened Stomping Ground Brewery in Moorabbin.

“Good workmanship is critical at the brewery, if equipment shuts down they stand to lose a lot of revenue,” Nyssen said.

With a combined 20-plus years of experience in the industry, Nyssen and O’Brien are committed to completing every job to the highest standard.

Walking away from a job with confidence – in their workmanship and the products they’ve used – is of the utmost importance.

“We want to avoid the dreaded call back down the track,” Nyssen said.

“When we finish a job we want to be confident that the work we put in will last for years to come.

“Growth within the refrigeration industry and cheaper products coming onto the market has meant that winning jobs is now tougher than ever. It has never been this competitive.”

This means O’Brien and Nyssen sometimes lose out to competitors who choose to install cheaper, lower quality products.

“We lose the job but then it is not unusual to be called out to fix problems caused by the cheaper alternatives,” Nyssen said.

“If somebody down the road can do it $250 cheaper, you’re probably going to lose that customer. However, in these situations, you know, the poor man pays twice.”

Reliability is important to Nyssen and O’Brien which is why they use Tecumseh.

“The peace of mind that comes with installing Tecumseh systems, like the ability to trust that it will run for many years is good for us. We also get additional support through Actrol,” O’Brien said.

“Just from experience we know what works and what provides consistent performance because a lot of our equipment operates in pretty harsh environments.

“Regardless of this, we want to provide exceptional service and quality workmanship at all times."

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