Unlocking the cold chain is the theme for this year’s CCN Live conference to be held in Melbourne on Friday, 5 November, 2021.

Speakers include the logistics, quality & environment leader for the dairy & drinks division at Bega, Adam Wade, who will present a case study on reducing waste in the cold chain.

He will use research and science to deliver fact-based insights and explain how the company has been working collaboratively with customers and stakeholders to address problems.

In 2016, Bega Dairy & Drinks faced a number of product quality and service-related challenges that resulted in significant amounts of food waste.

This led to a research project to improve the Bega Dairy & Drinks refrigerated supply chain.

Wade will present the project and talk about how he is achieving the company’s vision of delivering refrigerated product in the best cold chain network in Australia.

The keynote presentation will be delivered by Mark Barthel, the special advisor for food waste at the Fight Food Waste CRC.

The CRC was established for government and industry to work together to address cold chain problems in food production and distribution systems.

In his CRC role, Barthel leads the development of innovative food waste reduction and transformation projects.

Earlier this year, Barthel was appointed COO at Stop Food Waste Australia, a new organisation set up for federal, state and local governments as well as peak industry bodies representing the farm to fork food supply chain to work together to reach Australia’s National Food Waste Strategy target to halve food waste by 2030.

A presentation by Australian Food Cold Chain Council chair, Mark Mitchell, will examine the specific challenges faced by Australian industry.

It will provide a technical overview of cold chain data, standards and technologies needed to address global challenges in the food system.

He will present a situational snapshot of food waste in Australia and talk about the tyranny of distance and why cold chain integrity matters.

Mitchell is also the chair of The SuperCool Group of Companies which operate in global mobile airconditioning equipment, transport refrigeration, compressor design and manufacture, refrigeration tools and equipment, industrial hoses and connections, and temperature monitoring solutions for the cold chain.


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