It is almost criminal that one quarter of Australia's production of fruit and vegetables are never eaten.

Daikin has sponsored the Woman of the Year Award since its inception because we believe it has had a positive impact in recognizing and advancing the careers of women in the HVACR industry, Tosh said.

ABB runs apprenticeships for various technical disciplines right throughout its many sites and workshops across Australia.

Temperzone has returned as the sponsor of the Tradie of the Year Award to recognise technicians that are dedicated to their craft.

Farrelley said leadership today requires flexibility, and the skills to adapt to technology and an environment that is changing at an unprecedented rate.

MHIAA continues to value and highly regard the work of each contractor and are honoured to be supporting this award for the third year in a row, the company said.

Climate Council senior researcher, Tim Baxter, said the government is dreaming if it thinks carbon capture and storage is a legitimate form of reducing emissions.

The training video series includes a set of three short videos, each explaining a different aspect of the recovery process.

It is time for regulators to place management of the built environment at the very centre of disease control.

In a collaboration between RMIT University and the City of Kingston, researchers designed a solar chimney to maximise its efficiency for both ventilating fresh air and sucking smoke out of a building in case of fire.

Evans said licensing in other states align with ARC’s refrigerant handling licence which requires RAC competencies to achieve both environmental and consumer protection outcomes.

Buildings that have been partially or fully shutdown for more than a week are likely to have stagnant water in the pipework that distributes water to taps, showers and ice machines. This water presents a risk of propagating Legionella.

Unskilled workers without HVACR qualifications will be working with toxic and flammable refrigerants, ARMA said.

In the healthcare sector, refrigeration preserves pharmaceutical products and medicines, especially vaccines. New treatments, such as cryosurgery or cryotherapy, were developed thanks to ultra-low temperature technologies.

The review will focus on the overall performance of the scheme and focus on opportunities for enhancing outcomes.

Gleeson said in order to make a compelling case for regulators and government, AIRAH needed good, clear data to build a case for change.