STC’s head teacher in refrigeration and air conditioning, Peter McQueen, said only 60 technicians have completed training since it was introduced in June, 2019.

The Living Laboratory facilities will serve as hosts for validating emerging products. It will manage the risk of delivering innovative building and system design solutions, that have renewable energy and building efficiency at their core.

The next evolution of the DC-3 has been released with dual evaporator capabilities. It is also approved for R448A refrigerant.

Glaciem’s technology has the added benefit of using natural refrigerants rather than commonly used synthetic refrigerants which are harmful to the environment.

Until now there has been no researched advice on the safest way to work with vehicles using flammable refrigerants.

A local recipient of SE Ventures' funding and incubation support has been Clipsal Solar, headed up by Preeti Bajaj.

Daikin Australia began in 1969 with three staff and today boasts 1,500 employees and is a local manufacturer with Australian Made certification.

One of the lead authors of the guidelines, Brian Holuj of the UN's United for Efficiency initiative (U4E), said it is an ideal tool for governments.

Beggs has always gone above and beyond driving change and long lasting improvements to the Australian HVACR industry.

Outside of her career as a mechanical engineer Holz is a keen student of sustainable design, climate science and biodiversity conservation.

King works closely with Facility Managers and believes the current consolidation of services presents opportunities for the HVAC industry.

In 2005 Smith returned to Darwin and started her own business, About Airconditioning.

His reputation in the workplace can be attributed to his problem solving abilities, he has a knack for fixing long standing and irritating issues that most people would delegate to the 'too hard' basket.

He also has a showroom on one of Adelaide's busiest roads and employs more than 10 technicians and apprentices.

Commenting on the biggest challenges facing industry in the next few years, Ferlin said its unfortunate HVACR has such a low public profile.