He also has a showroom on one of Adelaide's busiest roads and employs more than 10 technicians and apprentices.

Commenting on the biggest challenges facing industry in the next few years, Ferlin said its unfortunate HVACR has such a low public profile.

Schultz isn't new to HVACR he has worked in the industry for the past 34 years including 10 years as national sales manager at BOC Gases.

At the end of this year Honeywell will be releasing R-466A which is an A1 replacement for R-410A.

Sales of small single split system air conditioners in 2018 have seen annual sales soften for the first time since the Cold Hard Facts series began in 2006.

Bennett said leakage rates from systems installed in Australia have dropped from 30% in 1990 to 6% today.

Feasibility studies and a business case for each of the five sites will be completed by the end of 2019.

Panasonic Air Conditioning sponsored the Leader in Energy Savings and Sustainability Award which went to Dario Ferlin of Woolworths.

Owners, managers and operators rely on what are often complex HVAC&R systems to successfully run their businesses.

Businesses will either thrive or wither on the basis of their ideas.

In a statement, Engineers Australia said the government has a myopic view of the problem.

Kebby is an industry veteran with over 38 years of experience.

The group responsible for the publication covers the entire ACP product supply chain including manufacturers, suppliers, designers, installers, testing bodies, certification bodies, regulators and building surveyors.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Monash University, Multiplex and the City of Melbourne have entered into the commitment bringing the total number of global signatories to 63, with 15 of those from Australia.

When he is not busy promoting natural refrigerants, he sits on the AIRAH Refrigeration Special Technical Group.