Refrigerant Reclaim Australia is celebrating 35 years since the Montreal Protocol helped reverse the depletion of the planet’s ozone layer.

Advanced manufacturing has been identified as one area where science and technology could be used to help restore economic growth and resilience in the recovery from COVID-19.

Ian Hopkins, ARBS Foundation chair, has announced a grant of $39,000 to AIRAH to assist in the development of a Professional Diploma in Energy-Efficient Sustainable HVAC.

After releasing its long-term roadmap earlier this year, the Australian Energy Market Operator has come under pressure to update its governance or be caught flat-footed for the changes ahead.

The centrepiece of new entity BESIX Watpac’s offering is the expertise that delivered the world’s tallest building, the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and the transformational Dubai Water Canal project.

A survey of senior leaders in Sydney demonstrates strong support for the economic and health response to Covid-19 by NSW Government, but flags concern about the broader impact of the pandemic.

ABB has appointed Ivory Egg as its preferred technical distributor in Australia in a new strategic partnership for building automation products.

Even in the face of this bias, TAFE has provided a $92.5 billion benefit to the Australian economy.

The ambitious, January 1, 2021, start date does not provide much time to work through all necessary considerations.

For VET-qualified STEM workers, engineers had the lowest female representation (five per cent).

A lot of buildings suffer from a lack of routine maintenance or old equipment which doesn’t provide the recommended air exchanges.

There are more than 800 different licences in manual trades alone creating a lot of duplication and complex funding arrangements.

Although the exhibition will not go ahead in early 2021, the ARBS Awards ceremony and seminar program will be hosted online.

Development of the diploma content, which is underway, iwill be subject to peer review.

The drives also have an integrated power measurement function, which is accurate to within five per cent.

In some circumstances operations are restricted but they are continuing.