Seeley International has unveiled its new range of Braemar branded products.

The new range includes a specially designed and locally manufactured Invertair which is an inverter add-on cooling system for the Braemar ducted gas heating systems.

Seeley International founder and executive chairman, Frank Seeley, said the new Braemar “Invertair” add-on cooling system  combines the most efficient modulating gas ducted heating system with an inverter add-on cooling system.


The Braemar range also offers completely new wall-mounted split systems, ducted reverse cycle systems and multi systems, all with the very latest inverter technology.

“The launch of these new refrigerated products under the universally trusted Braemar brand, will generate a significant portion of Seeley International’s growth plan of becoming a one billion-dollar company by the year 2020,” Seeley said.

“Consumer spending trends suggest that refrigerated air conditioners remain very popular, and this provides opportunity to strengthen our market share by expanding the Braemar range, and supplying consumers, through our extensive national dealer network.”

The new Braemar refrigerated product range now includes the following air conditioning systems:

 •             Ducted gas heating with “Invertair” add-on cooling - specifically designed to complement either new or existing* Braemar gas heating systems, for year round comfort.

Ducted gas heating with fixed speed add-on cooling systems.

·                    Wall-mounted inverter split system air conditioning – ideal solution to cool or heat just one room or area of homes and offices. The system consists of an indoor wall-mounted unit and an outdoor unit.

•             Ducted inverter reverse cycle systems – great for whole-of-home or office cooling and heating. The system consists of an indoor unit, placed within the roof and an outdoor unit, with air circulated via ductwork. Our inverter technology ensures uninterrupted comfort and savings in running costs.

•             Ducted fixed speed reverse cycle air conditioning – a popular choice for whole-of-home or office comfort. The system has an indoor unit, placed within the roof space, and an outdoor unit. With air circulated via ductwork, it enables users to heat and cool up to four different zones.

·                    Multi system air conditioning – an excellent way to cool and heat multiple rooms (residential and commercial) individually, from just one system. Choices include wall-mounted inverter splits, ducted units, hidden above cupboard spaces or ceilings, and cassettes that can be installed in the ceiling.

The new Braemar range of refrigerated products are available now. Products can be found at

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