• Female technician on the job
    Female technician on the job

Results from the first global survey ever undertaken of women working in HVACR will be released later this year.

Historically, women have been under-represented in this sector, despite the great potential that could be unleashed if more women chose to pursue education and job opportunities in cooling and heating.

Since there are data gaps about women working in this field, the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) and the United Nation’s Education Program, OzonAction, have partnered with industry groups around the world to complete the survey.

The survey seeks to better understand the background, motivation, challenges, and opportunities faced by women working in HVACR.

The results will be used to inform decision-makers inside and outside of the sector about ways to further enhance women's contribution to the field, in line with the UN sustainable development goal to achieve gender equality by 2030.

The organisers will begin collating the responses this month. Women have featured prominently in NextGen since it began.

Do you know a female technician under 25 years of age deserving of recognition? Go to www.climatecontrolnews.com.au/nextgen


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