• Young apprentice on the job.
    Young apprentice on the job.
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Welcome to NextGen 2023 which is sponsored by the Australian Refrigeration Council.

Every year technicians from around Australia compete to be selected for our Top 20 technicians under 25 years of age.

These are the technicians that are working hard to become our next generation of HVACR superstars.

Once again we have a diverse mix of outstanding technicians including a WorldSkills competitor.

For the first time we have five women in our Top 20, the highest number ever.

Below is a full list of our NextGen winners for 2023.

To find out more about them read their individual profiles published on this web site and in the June edition of CCN magazine.

Or watch the official video launch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pBuHecOD8g

Congratulations to the following technicians (listed by employer in alphabetical order):

ActronAir (NSW) technician Daniel Yacoub

ActronAir (NSW) technician Zayne Baldacchino

Airmaster (QLD) technician Ryan Attard

Airvision (WA) technician Dylan Parker

Airvision (WA) technician Joe Roscoe

Airvision technician (WA) Logan Hay

Beaver Williams (NSW) technician Nash Martin

Central Air (QLD) technician Justin Politech

Grosvenor Engineering Group (NSW) technician Caitlin Kilner

Grosvenor Engineering Group (WA) technician Courtney Pipes

NRG Services (QLD) technician Justin Mann

NRG Services (QLD) technician Travis Schick

OBR Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (WA) technician Brenen Fisher

PEER Group (SA) technician Emma Vandemeulengraaf

Simmonds Heating and Cooling (SA) technician Toby Wenzel

Sims Refrigeration (NT) technician Jarrod Burgess

SP&R Air Conditioning (VIC) technician Michael Williams

Superior Air Conditioning (NSW) technician Mitch Stevens

Woolworths (VIC) technician Imogen Stephens

Woolworths (NSW) technician Jason Galea