Let’s end 2019 with a bang by launching an initiative that can truly make a difference.

It's time for all of us to begin grooming the next generation of RAC technicians. And we need to do it now.

We need to act with a sense of urgency because it is a problem that needs to be addressed today, not tomorrow. If we don't do it now, then when? The future is almost here and Australia's skills shortage will only get worse unless we work together to make a difference.

The need to connect to the next generation of technicians has never been more critical, especially in the climate control industry where the average age of the workforce is 39 with 24 per cent aged over 50.

This dire situation is made even worse by a serious shortage of apprentices.

Fortunately there are sections of industry working to alleviate this problem but we all need to contribute.

It is the reason why CCN has formed a partnership with WorldSkills Australia to launch a program known as NextGen.

The aim of the program is to connect the HVACR industry with the Next Generation of technicians by recognising and promoting trade excellence.

WorldSkills Australia are the experts when it comes to recognising excellence, it is an organisation that has built a movement around changing the lives of young people through skills.

And that will be a key component of this initiative – recognising trade excellence.

To promote enthusiasm and excellence across the HVACR industry, CCN will publish an annual list of the 'Top 20 technicians under 25' profiling each of these high achievers in the magazine, online and across social media.

They will showcase the benefits and career opportunities that come with working in the climate control industry. Naturally industry groups are invited to come on board and to show their support by being a part of this great initiative.

We are hoping we get full industry support and a positive response to this open invitation.

We will need industry representatives to help CCN and WorldSkills Australia select a top 20 from a long list of nominees representing every state and territory in Australia.

And in addition to profiling our Top 20 under 25 we will host an event announcing the winners.

WorldSkills Australia is passionate about the future of young people and its tagline 'Empowering Excellence in Young Australians since 1981' is certainly fitting while CCN is the voice of HVACR news in Australia.

As the only independent news source for the HVACR industry, CCN is keenly aware of the need to empower the next generation.

Together, we will make a difference. Full details of the NextGen program will be revealed in coming weeks.  In the meantime tell us what you think email

Or talk to Michael Northcott about sponsorship opportunities on 0420 403 044.


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