• ARC CEO, Glenn Evans.
    ARC CEO, Glenn Evans.

The Australian Refrigeration Council is proud to support CCN and Next Gen as an important showcase for emerging climate control talent, raising the profile of this specialised sector and promoting it as a profession of first choice.

For smart young people thinking about career options, this industry offers it all – variety on the job, the challenge of working with the latest technology, long term job security and great pay.

Just as importantly, the work done by skilled technicians in the sector is vital to life as we know it, and to our environment. Day-to-day life just wouldn’t be possible without refrigeration to transport our food, maintain comfortable living and working environments, and secure medical supplies and vaccines. The world would be a very different place without efficient, reliable climate control.

To secure the future of our industry and continue to attract clever new people, we need to nurture and reward young talent, offering real world opportunities during their training and early years to encourage a love for the work and pride in how important it is.

Few industries offer such diversity: aviation, manufacturing, marine and mining, to name a few of the specialised areas, plus countless options in the wider stationary and automotive sectors.

Reflecting this diversity are the many different employers of our NextGen winners – companies both large and small creating a training ground in which young people can thrive and prosper. These employers are helping to grow the profile and status of this industry. They are recruiting the best and the brightest, then giving them the training and support to join a diverse and specialised sector that is respected and recognised by the community.

Importantly, our sector is constantly evolving. With our commitment to serving customers and protecting the environment, we embrace ever-advancing technology to increase energy efficiency and drive towards net zero. This adds complexity to the everyday tasks undertaken by technicians, making for interesting, challenging and rewarding careers.

Climate control technicians make a huge contribution to Australia’s future. Without them, we can’t build new cities, hospitals or transport food.  There are very few aspects of everyday life that aren’t touched by this vital industry.

Our industry applies advanced technology to make a real and positive difference, and we know this appeals to today’s clever students. It also appeals to people who may have built another career and now see potential to do something more specialised and engaging.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the outstanding young people who make up the Next Gen “Top 20 Under 25” – a diverse and impressive group if ever there was one.

All of these young people are already making their way in our industry. Whether they have come to climate control straight out of school or tried another trade first, whether they are first year apprentices or fully qualified tradies – or even going on to do a degree – they all share the same enthusiasm and commitment that will ensure the future success of our industry.

We as an industry can be rightly proud of our Next Gen winners for 2023 – they are the best of the best.

Congratulations, one and all.

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