Australian Refrigeration Council CEO, Glenn Evans, congratulates this year’s Next Generation technicians.

Setting new standards is crucial in an industry as dynamic as refrigeration and air conditioning.

The Australian Refrigeration Council is proud to support CCN with such an important initiative. NextGen is an important platform to showcase emerging talent.

It plays a role in increasing the profile of this sector and promoting it as a profession of first choice.

The technical nature and environmental impact of the industry are great attractions for modern students. The industry makes a real and positive difference.

When you consider that surgical operations cannot happen without refrigeration, or that there would be no transport of perishables, you start to realise we’d be in a whole lot of trouble without the men and women of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

We all have a role to play to attract and nurture young talent, especially in the blending of enthusiasm with the knowledge and skills of experienced industry professionals.

Congratulations to the Top 20  - we look forward to you shaping the future of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.


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