• HVACR is a lucrative career choice
    HVACR is a lucrative career choice

While NextGen has provided the refrigeration and air conditioning trade with an opportunity to showcase industry excellence, it is also a great way to promote HVACR as an exciting career choice.

It is certainly well paid. In fact, it is one of the highest paying trades in Australia.

This is largely due to the acute skills shortage that continues to have a crippling impact on the entire industry.

According to recruiting firm, Indeed.com, RAC technicians can earn six figure incomes, depending on their skill level.

This is supported by the Salary Expert which claims a senior technician will earn between $93,385 to $115,525.

This figure is six per cent higher than the average HVAC salary in Australia.

A technician with only three years experience will  earn an estimated $68, 186 per annum.


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