After so many stalled starts, delays and disagreements its hard to believe we are finally here.

The national review of the Certificate III in refrigeration and air conditioning qualification is nearing completion with the final opportunity to provide feedback closing earlier this month.

Technically this review began way back in 2014 and the actual course has remained unchanged since the year 2000. As we all know a lot has happened in two decades, particularly when it comes to technology.

Think about all the new standards the industry has seen during this time, not to mention the changing refrigerant landscape. These revisions are long overdue so its good news to see this drawn out process coming to a close. I am sure industry groups are relieved to be at the finish line too.

They really have worked hard behind the scenes, especially in the last 12 months. I do not know of another industry that has so many trade groups and representative bodies – all with their own specific point of view – so reaching a consensus can be a challenge.

Even now, at this late stage of the review, there is still disagreement. But at least the end is near.

And to be fair, these groups really have made a difference in recent months. Just look at the latest changes to the Queensland licensing framework which is a vast improvement on the original plan.

In other news, the Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) met mid-July and will meet again in December, 2019.

The Ministers announced the establishment of an implementation team to develop a national framework for the ‘consistent’ implementation of the Shergold Weir recommendations.

Not surprisingly, this announcement was welcomed by just about everybody.

Meanwhile, the Victorian government has also established a new agency, Cladding Safety Victoria, to fund cladding rectification works in that state.

At the same time, Standards Australia has released a consultation paper on a technical specification for the permanent labelling of aluminium composite panels (ACPs).

There has also been plenty of activity here at CCN. I am preparing to judge the HVACR Leadership Awards next week and we are all busy putting together an exciting program for CCN Live 2019 which will be held in Melbourne on October 10, 2019.

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