• CCN editor, Sandra Rossi.
    CCN editor, Sandra Rossi.

Welcome to my favourite time of the year.

This is when I get to put together CCN’s annual NextGen Top 20.

For most of us the month of June is hump-time when we deal with the mid-year struggle of winter approaching.

The mornings are getting colder and the days shorter.

It’s a time when I start feeling old and weary from too many deadlines but that all disappears when I start talking to so many young and enthusiastic technicians.

It is such a greater motivator. So many of today’s technicians are highly driven and preparing for a long-term career in climate control.

Not only are they skilled technicians they spend their spare time preparing for a second trade as an electrician or studying mechanical engineering.

If they are not pursuing formal qualifications they have aspirations to manage a team of their own or establish their own business.

Their dedication and willingness to learn is admirable.

This year’s Top 20 under 25 features second and third year technicians that are working autonomously on half a million dollar (plus) projects.

Also so this year we have a record number of female technicians proof that the HVACR workforce is becoming more diversified.

CCN is keen to encourage diversity which is why we have launched the Women in HVACR programme.

Showcasing HVACR talent elevates the industry and puts a spotlight on the abundance of opportunities that are available.

Want to beat the winter blues? Nominate a colleague for the Women in HVACR programme at www.climatecontrolnews.com.au\WHVACR