Welcome to May 2020 and our Virtual ARBS experience.

It has not been easy putting Virtual ARBS together at a time when we are all struggling to deal with a global pandemic. In such a dark climate we could have done nothing.

The truth is we are all feeling a little fragile and helpless. But that is not what Australia’s HVACR industry is about. Instead everyone pulled together and created something new.

We went virtual and created an ARBS experience that incorporates print, online content, videos and social media. That’s right we did it all.

Best of all Virtual ARBS will continue throughout the entire month of May.

It really reflects an industry that is both determined and creative.

What a dynamic and resilient response during a global pandemic.

It proves that this industry is as innovative as it has ever been.

There is nothing like a pandemic to remind us that we really are part of a global village.

That was made abundantly clear last month when industry groups from around the world were united in their push for essential service status.

Locally, I saw an industry committed to moving forward and working together to do their best under incredibly tough circumstances.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this special feature and made our industry stronger.

Advertisers that have participated in Virtual ARBS deserve special thanks, they helped create the best ARBS experience possible.

Enjoy what we have all created and make the most of May 2020, we only get one.

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