• Exemplary Energy managing director, David Ferrari.
    Exemplary Energy managing director, David Ferrari.

To celebrate the imminent release of their latest datasets, Exemplary Energy has a free offer for CCN readers.

Exemplary Energy produces weather and climate data for engineering and architectural modelling, including simulation for energy and moisture management in buildings.

The company is offering CCN readers a free copy of a 2022 calendar year weather file for one of the eight capital cities.

The company provides consulting services, software and support to energy conservation industries in the built environment.

The company’s managing director, Dr Dave Ferrari, is an engineer dedicated to energy issues in the built environment.

Ferrari said that Exemplary is preparing for the release of climate files incorporating precipitation data to allow valid simulation of water penetration and condensation issues as identified in the new National Construction Code (NCC) and AIRAH's DA07 along with 33-year weather files (1990-2022) and Reference Meteorological Year (RMY) climate files derived from up to date data (improving on the prematurely truncated 1990-2015 record used by CSIRO and NatHERS).

The data will also include Selected Meteorological Year (SMY) files which repair a serious of fatal flaws in the CSIRO's  EPW-formatted climate files.

CCN readers seeking to access this free offer should write to exemplary.energy@exemplary.com.au nominating your preferred capital city location and format (Australian Climate Data Bank, EPW or TMY2), noting the code CCN2022.