It’s great to be able to take work calls while walking the dogs or throwing on a load of washing while proofing pages but the social isolation that comes with being in lockdown is a struggle.

Working from home was fine for a few weeks, but after a few months, it is difficult.

Even worse, working from home my workload seems to be growing, it gets bigger the longer I am in lockdown. It doesn’t make sense.

My workload in 2021 is the same as last year and the hours wasted travelling to and from the office are gone. What’s going on?

It didn’t take much digging to discover there has been hundreds of surveys and research reports undertaken in the past year which have asked the very same question: Are we working more or less?

It seems the entire world is working longer hours, and it’s not just Australian workers.

In our COVID-ridden, anti-social delirium we are spending more hours glued to the keyboard.

The average length of time an employee is working from home in the UK, Austria, Canada and the US has increased by more than two hours a day since the coronavirus crisis began, according to data from business support company NordVPN Teams.

It is no different here in Australia.

According to a Capterra survey of 1,400 employees we are not just working longer but desperate to return to the office.

The initial joy that accompanied working from home at the start of the pandemic has long gone, isolation is tough.

Captera found 78 per cent of staff were more productive at home. Just four per cent of employees said they were less productive since working from home.

Has the pandemic impacted your workload? Let me know I would (desperately) love to hear from you (joking). Emails to


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