For businesses battling it out in today's corporate climate it's fair to say that competition has never been more fierce. Customers expect more and they get it.

In the battle for profits its about being lean and responsive but its also about having a big heart. It has become the biggest factor in any transaction. Why?

Because consumers care about the brands they buy, they want supply chains free of slavery or toxic waste. They want to reward businesses with a big heart.

We've managed to discard the bland, cookie cutter workforce of old where everyone wore a professional mask from 9 to 5 and blindly chased profits.

There was less regard for consequences, the bottom line tended to dominate decision making.

Caring for the planet and its people were secondary considerations. But here we are in 2018 and the modern workplace is very different, it is certainly more diverse and decisions are increasingly shaped by ethics.

We all live by our own set of personal beliefs and values but in the past, these were not always welcomed in the board room.

Thankfully its not the case today as the Circular Economy is growing with Accenture stating it will worth $4.5 trillion in the next 15 years.

For those not familiar with the Circular Economy it is the act of embracing the decoupling of growth from natural resource consumption.

It's the reason why sustainability and social justice have become a part of the board room conversation – it is no longer just about financial reward and status.

I must admit I have seen a lot of heart in recent weeks judging the HVACR Leadership Awards. It is impossible to read these nominations and not be touched by the sincerity and hard work that has made these businesses successful.

Winners will be announced at CCN Live in Melbourne on October 11, 2018.

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