• CCN Editor, Sandra Rossi
    CCN Editor, Sandra Rossi

We are finally heading to ARBS 2022.

It has been a long journey and it wasn’t easy for anyone.

Let’s be honest we have spent the last couple of years battling a global pandemic. It has been tough.

It took time for a vaccine to arrive and it took even longer for most of us to learn to live with the virus.

Of course it has become a little easier over time. In the first few months of the pandemic I was shell shocked and fearful of the world ending.

I began to believe the bearded man I pass each day in the subway was right: maybe we are living in the end times.

Thankfully, we learn to adjust and that means moving forward and getting on with the long-awaited ARBS Exhibition.

After all the isolation we can enjoy three days of trade show action at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

ARBS organisers have put together an impressive seminar program and there are plenty of exhibitor highlights that fill this web site.

CCN has created a great ARBS preview in the July/August edition of the magazine (digital edition will be published on this site 1 August).

It is a great preview of the show and it will be available at the ARBS Exhibition just visit the CCN stand #431.

Drop by and pick up a copy we would love to see you.  Enjoy the show!


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