Once upon a time Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) was seen as a Cinderella service, it certainly wasn’t essential.

COVID-19 has changed that, in fact the world view on indoor health and safety has undergone a radical rethink. Nobody wants to be linked to a workplace that isn’t a safe place to be.

The importance of IAQ isn’t new to HVACR, but its only now that building owners and board rooms are calling for action. Thanks to the pandemic, they recognize that this issue isn’t just about ticking boxes it’s about saving lives.

This is no fairy tale, it is the harsh reality of working life in the 21st century.

Suppliers have been quick to respond with a plethora of new products entering the Australian market. All of these products refer to COVID in their marketing material reinforcing fears about workplace safety.

This month’s IAQ feature in the August edition of CCN showcases many of the technologies suitable for commercial use. They are scientifically proven solutions for a wide range of applications. To read the digital edition of CCN click here:

Moving on to the most magical feature in this month’s issue NextGen is back. As regular readers of CCN know NextGen was launched last year in a bid to promote the RAC trade and address the industry’s critical skills shortage.

Thanks to the Australian Refrigeration Council we have been able to bring the NextGen initiative to life once again. We have another outstanding line-up of apprentices.

Their enthusiasm is infectious and is proof that the future of the trade is in good hands. A video showcasing this year's winners will be released later this month.


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