HVACR is so far reaching that it's a struggle to try and encapsulate such broad subject matter under the climate control banner.

I am currently working on the August edition of CCN magazine and this issue is no exception.

As I edit articles on industrial cooling, the development of dual source heat pumps, and the most exquisite architecture and design trends in the built environment, I cannot help but wonder: Why the hell does HVACR suffer from such a serious problem of invisibility?

This is an industry that is everywhere. It touches on so many aspects of modern life that it should be valued by everyone for the contribution it makes to our general health and well-being.

And don't get me started on the people that actually work in this industry, they are certainly deserving of greater recognition.

What's even more puzzling is the fact that we are talking about an industry that is far from boring, it couldn't even be described as routine. If you need proof just flick through the pages of CCN magazine, even a cursory glimpse will prove my point. Or, spend a few minutes on this web site.

The world of HVACR is one of constant discovery from new research to emerging technologies, it is always evolving.

Thankfully when it comes to addressing this problem there is a high level of awareness within the industry, not just here but across the entire planet.

It is the reason why industry groups and trade associations worldwide have come together to formally announce World Refrigeration Day, an annual event that will take place on June 26.

Sure its not going to solve the invisibility problem in an instant but it is a step in the right direction.

There are no quick fixes that can resolve this issue it requires commitment over the long term, locally and internationally.

On the local front CCN has made it a priority.

HVACR invisibility is at the very centre of this year's CCN Live program to be held in Melbourne on October 11. Your support will make a difference.

Tickets go on sale August 1, 2018. Don't miss out get your tickets at

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