If you live with a teenager then you know they are not the most attentive people in the world.

Getting their attention and maintaining it, isn’t always easy.  Ask any parent and they will agree.

Keeping this in mind can you even begin to imagine what it’s like trying to talk to teenagers about refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC)? I’m sure it’s a topic they think about all the time (yeah right!).

Making the RAC trade more attractive and appealing to young people is just one of a long list of issues the HVACR industry needs to overcome to address the current skills shortage.

Like most problems, the solution isn’t simple, it’s multi-faceted. However, there is one thing that can really make a difference and that is MONEY.

It is the one thing we are seriously lacking when it comes to promoting this trade. Just read the NextGen column by Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (RACCA) president, Kevin O’Shea.

He makes it clear that other industries spend a small fortune promoting their trades to school leavers. They even have dedicated staff working full time on this issue.

Imagine if we were able to do the same.

In his article O’Shea admits we cannot compete against such heavyweights but if we can do more everyone benefits. This industry isn’t the only beneficiary so why isn’t the government shouldering some of the responsibility?

We know the government wants a strong workforce and has taken steps to identify the industries where shortages are the most acute. Surprise, surprise we make the top 10 every single time.

In fact, my understanding is that as long as this industry has been around there has always been a labour shortage. And here we are in the year 2020 and the problem still exists. It’s the reason why we launched the NextGen Program.

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Finally on a happier note, how are your preparations for the ARBS Exhibition coming along? Registration has opened and CCN will preview the ARBS seminar program in the next edition of the magazine. Until then, all the best for the year ahead.


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