The 2018 survey attracted responses from 298 companies employing a total of 111,209 employees.

Just what we need more Independents with a lot more power than they deserve.

To maximise the economic opportunities of population growth, we need to ensure our cities are places where people want to live.

If you are one of the unlucky few unable to attend enjoy our special edition e-newsletter profiling the winners across all seven categories.

It's the reason why sustainability and social justice have become a part of the board room conversation – it is no longer just about financial reward and status.

Rooftop solar installations are running at an annualised rate of more than 1300MW.

The world of HVACR is one of constant discovery from new research to emerging technologies, it is always evolving.

Admittedly, being surrounded by so many smart appliances has left me feeling a little dumb.

For every one million industrial robots created, nearly three million jobs are directly needed to support them.

The value of the work done in the Australian construction industry will be around $203 billion in 2019-2020, making it a significant contributor to Australia’s GDP.

There are three good reasons why readers should comply with AS 5149 even though it is not mandatory.

Industry even had to provide the funding for the first Commonwealth official to attend international meetings.

The climate control industry is finally getting the recognition it deserves. This industry and its influence is growing every year.

As we've become more connected, our reliance on Aussie ingenuity has waned.

The introduction of "mild" flammability by the F-gas industry is similar to the introduction of "mild" cigarettes by the tobacco industry.

The human condition is inherently flawed. I don't stand a chance competing with my cloned self who has all the skills, but none of the failings. Brave new world indeed!