Poor HVAC system maintenance and cleaning regimes continue to impact air quality.

For example, air filters in HVAC systems are often overlooked and filter fibres can house a multitude of yeast, moulds and dirt.

That is why Promek Technologies Filter Sanitizer and Coil Sanitiser range will be a breath of fresh air for building occupants.

The Promek Power Pack includes filter and coil sanitisers and cleaning pack in easy to use aerosol cans.

The filter and coil sanitisers stop colonisation on the filter and indoor coils by bacteria, moulds and fungus. The products are safe, non-toxic and antimicrobial.

Simply apply the aerosol spray to a new filter or to clean and dry existing filters repeat this process on a monthly basis. Evaporator coil sanitisers will last for 12 months.

By using the Promek range it is easy for technicians to clean and sanitise indoor coils and filters because all they need to carry in their vehicles is a small pack of three aerosol cans.

Promek’s technology director, Tony Power, said HVAC systems should not be spreading germs.

Power said there is a growing movement among consultants and specifiers to address the quality of air filtration.

“This applies to cleaning protocols in particular,” he said.

“It is scary to think that in these uncertain times of COVID-19 that no regard is given to air filters in smaller systems.

“Large commercial buildings are usually well serviced with rigorous replacement programs and clean air monitoring and management.”

Highly regarded consultants BHPM lead, Bruce Harris, undertook an end user survey on filter cleaning regimes.

Common responses ranged from ‘we clean them with a vacuum cleaner when the grilles get dirty’ to only responding when ‘the filter light comes on’.

Harris said its important for respiratory issues and bacterial growth to be taken into account when managing HVAC systems.

 “Everything is being hammered home relating to COVID-19 sanitisation but nothing is being done at all in relation to the quality of supply and return air systems,” he said.

Using Promek Filter Sanitiser can also extend the life of air filters.


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