• The interactive online platform K°oolville.
    The interactive online platform K°oolville.

K°oolville is the place to go when searching for the right heat exchanger for HVAC and refrigeration applications.

Kelvion's new online tool guides users to the right heat exchanger with just a few clicks making it ideal for supermarkets, data centres and food processing applications.

By using the appropriate heat exchanger, plant operators can work efficiently while reducing CO2 emissions. But how do I find the most suitable heat exchanger for my system?

With the interactive online platform K°oolville, Kelvion is launching a tool that provides product recommendations for HVAC and refrigeration applications.

In total, K°oolville features eight buildings with different application focuses: supermarket, distribution centre, data centres, fruit and vegetable storage, greenhouses, hotel/gastronomy, renewable energy, and food processing.

To get to know the individual application areas, users can enter the buildings and start their product search there.

The platform presents suitable products for each building. Depending on the cold rooms and the prevailing ambient temperatures, the user first selects a design and then the desired cooling capacity.

Based on these criteria, K°oolville automatically suggests the most suitable series.

Kelvion’s head of product marketing, Robert Krechter, said the platform intuitively guides users to the right product.

“For those who want to thermodynamically configure the selected product, they can access the Kelvion design tool RT Select via K°oolville or directly contact a Kelvion representative,” he said.

K°oolville is currently available in German and English: https://koolville.kelvion.com