Efficient Energy GmbH is an innovative manufacturer and system supplier of environmentally-friendly refrigeration technology, based in Feldkirchen near Munich, Germany.

The company uses pure water (R718) as the refrigerant in its eChiller product range, thereby entirely avoiding fluorinated refrigerants.

The eChiller models are the only chillers worldwide which use the natural safety refrigerant water (R718) as the refrigerant, offer outstanding energy efficiency, and are manufactured in mass production, the company said.

The eChillers already comply with the F-Gas Directive and any refrigerant-related safety requirements.

Moreover, the eChillers' cooling capacities range from 20 to 45 kW depending on model, and the individual units can be scaled modularly to up to 300 kW. The refrigeration machines are ideally suited to cooling server rooms, buildings and industrial processes.

Efficient Energy GmbH helps its customers overcome the inreasing regulatory challenges of refrigeration technology, and offers them long-term, sustainable solutions with its eChiller model range.

With its outstanding cost efficiency and low CO2 footprint, companies benefit on many fronts.


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