Power Clean Air Products based in Sydney has launched a range of new air treatment products in partnership with Airtemp.

These products are air sterilisers with advanced properties that inactivate airborne bacteria and viruses including Human Coronavirus up to 99.9%*

Using Ultra Plasma Ion Fields and e-Nano Electrostatic Filters, these devices decompose and remove large numbers of viruses and bacteria including Human Coronavirus and staphylococcus.

Technologies director Tony Power says: "These units should be an essential addition to any aged care facility, hospital waiting room. in fact any interior space where air borne virus potential infection is a possibility. We see this product as a worthwhile fixture to any room up to 84 cubic metres that requires air sterilisation - a must have for doctors, dentists and pretty much any commercial space where people gather in small numbers."

Air moving through HVAC systems complicates the removal of small contaminants such as airborne viruses and bacteria. These air sterilisers with electrostatic filters remove fine particles down to 0.3 um and offer an additional line of defence to safeguard health and wellbeing.

Power Clean Air Products also produces a range of easy to use HVAC sanitisers for filters and coils, these come in simple pressure packs and are easy to use by technicians or end users.

Power Hand and Surface Sanitiser is a potent formulation that offers an alternative to alcohol-based sanitisers for every day use, its active ingredient surgical grade quaternary ammonium makes it non flammable and easy on the hands. Provides 24hrs protection to surfaces.

Additionally, the Aircare Air Purifier is a high performance air cleaner fitted with multiple filters including HEPA and is widely used in the aged care and accommodation sector.

Power Clean Air offers a comprehensive range of air and surface treatment products that provides multiple layers of advanced protection.

*The Airtemp UPI Device was evaluated for its ability to inactivate Human Coronavirus - similar to MERS-Coronavirus and SARS-Coronavirus. MicroBio Test personnel performed the inactivation procedure using Human Coronavirus Strain: 229E. Samples were titrated by 50% tissue culture infection dose (TCID50) endpoint assay using MRC-5 cells. Test results are available.

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