Euromate Pure Air is a new air filtration technology company from Europe that entered the Australian market during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The air cleaning systems offered by Euromate are produced in Europe and backed by independent VTT Finland and TNO Netherlands certifications, ensuring 99.9 per cent efficiency in filtering COVID-19 virus particles from the air.  

Each system is designed to ensure five air changes an hour, where the volume of air in the room is completely filtered and replaced, in line with current recommendations. 

Using an air filtration system is the optimal solution to removing pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, dust and odours from indoor air, which helps to reduce irritation and sickness in the workplace to protect the health of employees and clients.

At the same time, removing dust and other pollutants can extend the lifetime of your machines and ventilation systems. 

Euromate’s VisionAir Blue Line series is ideal for medical institutions, aged care facilities, schools, childcare centres, as well as offices and other retail spaces.

It utilises an innovative plug & play, mobile method that allows the system to be used according to business needs. 

Euromate Pure Air is working with Australian businesses to create a safer and cleaner environment for ipatrons and workers. 

The company’s newest product the Pure Air Shield 3300 Air Cleaner, is created to filter even larger commercial spaces and filters suspended particles and aerosols from the air. 

Euromate offers Dust Free Industrial Air Cleaner and HF Industrial Air Cleaner.

These Heavy duty, industrial alternatives, target specific pollutants for different industries and needs. By using different filters, common warehouse and manufacturing pollutants such as dust, smoke, fumes and grease are significantly reduced.  


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