ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH has relaunched its air-cooled PENSUM AIR.

The revised models became available January 20, 2020 and are designed for mid-sized office buildings. The air-cooled Pensum chiller has been part of the ENGIE Refrigeration portfolio since 2013.

Market requirements have changed since then which is why the PENSUM AIR uses the future-proof refrigerant R-454B, which has good thermodynamic properties and a low GWP value of 466. That means it falls below the average GWP of <500, the value that the F-gas Regulation stipulates from 2030.

Compared to the previous refrigerant R-410A, R-454B can lower CO2 emissions by 78 per cent – without affecting refrigeration capacity. In addition, the PENSUM AIR already meets the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive for Tier 2, which will come into force January 1, 2021.

ENGIE Refrigeration CEO, Jochen Hornung, said the new compressor in the PENSUM makes it more efficient than its predecessor model.

He said it is also available in four different lines – Basic Cool, Free Cool, Super Silent and Reversible Heat – with a refrigeration performance between 50 and 400 kilowatts.

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