• AiroDoctor V10P-AC is an air purification kit for cassette AC units.
    AiroDoctor V10P-AC is an air purification kit for cassette AC units.

Integrating an air purifier directly into the air conditioner is a fast an effective way to provide healthy, clean and virus-free air.

AiroDoctor V10P-AC is the world’s first air purification kit for cassette AC units.

Finally, it is possible to effortlessly upgrade air conditioning systems with a antibacterial and antiviral UV photocatalytic filter.

The retrofitting system is designed for easy installation in any ceiling cassettes AC unit.

This highly effective and environmentally friendly air purification module ensures clean and healthy indoor air thanks to certified and internationally patented UV-A photocatalysis technology: fan-less, automatic ON/OFF function, low-maintenance and extremely durable with 50,000 operating hours.

The photocatalysis air purification module is easily mounted externally to thecassette AC unit using the adapter provided. The photocatalysis module is then operated automatically, simultaneously with the ventilation unit, minimally affecting its air-conditioning performance.

The air drawn into the unit first passes through the photocatalytic UV filter where it is instantly purified. Once heated or cooled by the air conditioner, the air is now ready to be released back into the environment.

For even more control, the AiroScience kit is an optional built-in air sensor system to monitor CO2 values, air temperature, relative and absolute humidity, enthalpy and dew point. The modbus interface for integration into common building services systems is also available upon request.

Like all AiroDoctor air purification solutions, the V10P-AC photocatalytic module works on the basis of highly effective and hazard-free UV-A photocatalysis, a certified and internationally patented air purification filter.

This has been proven to actively decompose 99.9 per cent of pathogens andpollutants using UV-A light from high-power LEDs in combination with a special catalyst made of titanium dioxide (TiO2).

Unlike conventional filter methods, the AiroDoctor  photocatalysis module sustainably eliminates and renders harmless viruses, bacteria, harmful gases and other particles that are hazardous to health.

A certified ozone-free system, with no harmful by-products generated during the process

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