Daikin has launched the Alira X Split System which delivers industry-leading efficiency and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Alira X is the latest addition to Daikin’s comprehensive range of split system air conditioners and takes home comfort and health to the next level with Daikin’s patented Streamer Technology.

Daikin split systems are the only split system air conditioners in Australia to have gained approval by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice® program as a better choice for people with asthma and allergies.

With a pure focus on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Streamer Technology forms part of an effective three-layer filtration system that continuously removes bacteria, allergens, mould, pollen, odours and indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde.

Through independent testing, Streamer Technology was shown to:

  1.        Eliminate Pollen – more than 99.6 per cent1 in two hours
  2.        Eliminate Mould – more than 99.9 per cent2 in 24 hours
  3.        Eliminate Allergens – more than 99.61per cent1 in 24 hours

To further ensure optimal IAQ, Mould-Proof Operation mode activates at the end of cooling or drying operation to dry and sterilise the unit before powering off to prevent mould growth on internal components.

In addition, the built-in humidity sensor enables precise control of the unit to effectively remove moisture and dehumidify the space.

Keeping energy efficiency in mind, Alira X has been designed with many energy saving features and components such as Econo Mode, Demand Response Enabling Device, Reluctance DC Motor and Swing Compressor. 

Alira X also includes Daikin’s 2-Area Intelligent Eye technology3 which adjusts the set temperature by ±2°C to save energy when no occupants are detected in the room. This technology provides the added benefit of changing the direction of airflow for draught-free comfort.

For extra comfort and convenience, the range is whisper-quiet while running and can be operated remotely with an easy-to-use wireless controller or via the built-in Wi-Fi using Daikin’s Mobile Controller app.

Featuring a sleek and modern exterior, Alira X is available in Reverse Cycle and Cooling Only, with seven models ranging from 2.2-7.1kW.

More information about Daikin Split Systems can be found at or by calling 1300 368 300. Visit

1)Verified at Wakayama Medical University with the following test condition: Irradiated allergens with Streamer & checked decomposition of allergen proteins by either the ELISA method, electrophoresis or electron microscopy.

2) Verified at Japan Food Research Laboratories using antibacterial test/mould elimination test (test number: 204041635-001)

3) 2-Area Intelligent Eye only applicable to 20-46 Class Models.

4) Redesigned dual louvres are a feature of 50-71 Class Models.


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