There is no longer any need to take a workmate off a job to help a colleague lift an air conditioner because JD Power has made lifting easy.

There are always risks in the workplace. If a technician is commandeering a ladder while trying to cart a huge box, there is the risk of the product being damaged, and the technician being hurt.

JD Power products aim to make sites safer, reduce the chance of injury and improve productivity.

Most technicians are familiar with the CM340 or CM520 portable lifters. But this month JD Power introduced the CA400 portable lifter which can turn a three or four person job into a one man effort.

CA400’s fold-up dimension is 75cmx62x107 which can fit into a normal station wagon, yet the lifting capacity is 150 kg to 4 metres with working space of 1mx1m. It is one of most compact lifters in this range of products.

To operate the CA400 portable lifters a hand-held variable-speed trigger is used. This controls a compact electrical motor and winch which winds the robust mast up and down.

Additionally, for situations where no mains power is available, a cordless drill or manual winding handle can be used to operate the lift.

To celebrate relocating to a new warehouse, JD Power has announced a special offer for its CA400.

Mention “relocation” and customers will get $100 off their CA400 purchase.


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