• Midea’s BreezelessE.
    Midea’s BreezelessE.

Midea has unveiled an anti-corrosion solution to improve air conditioner performance and reliability in coastal and tropical climates. 

The solution, featuring proprietary Hyper Grapfins and sheet metal coatings, is integrated into two eco-friendly, energy efficient Midea HVAC systems, BreezelessE and PenroseAir.

This innovative technology provides comprehensive protection against salty, humid air, enhancing the durability and lifespan of both indoor and outdoor units.

Air conditioning in coastal regions can be challenging due to the corrosive effects of salt air on the critical components, leading to costly maintenance and replacements for restaurateurs and hotel owners.

To address the problem, Midea developed the patented Prime Guard Hyper Grapfin which is coated with graphene to increase the durability, performance, and energy efficiency of HVAC systems.

BreezelessE and PenroseAir, are the first two AC models with high reliability and the anti-corrosion feature.

The products also come with climate-friendly refrigerants R32, which are designed to minimize the impact on global warming and reduce the influence on the ozone layer.

Midea's BreezelessE is a custom-built indoor climate control system designed for sustainable travel. It offers quick cooling, with AI algorithms adjusting temperatures based on user preferences and habits.

Its deflector's micro-holes and redesigned duct and fan ensure quiet operation and gentle airflow.

The chic Midea PenroseAir, with various fabric options, features a 180-degree spinning wind deflector and a spherical air outlet for direct, accurate, and low-noise cooling.

As a green tech innovator, Midea is steadfast in promoting sustainable living and driving positive environmental impact from every detail.

The anti-corrosion solution maintains air conditioner performance and caters to island users' needs, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and regional customization.