As new technology and machinery become available and more heavily integrated, the importance of keeping a tight check on workplace tools has never been so important.

Electrical and electronics safety is a fundamental part of safety management procedures within any building, factory or facility.

For the optimal results, efficiency and effective inspections, many companies and organisations are choosing digital inspection solutions.

Paperless inspection applications are a mirror representation of the problem in need of monitoring. As workplace technology and machinery gets more advanced and powerful, so should management and maintenance procedures.

By ensuring that inspections are quick, efficient and highly accurate, workplace tools can spend less time waiting for certification, easily pass any necessary compliance and provide better return on investment. This also makes the working environment safer for employees and active users of the tools or technology.

With ISO standards such as ISO 45001 continuously redefining the appropriate industry safety levels, a current problem is the lack of ability to update safety inspection and procedures within an organisation or business activity.

This is where digital safety inspection applications provide the perfect companion to safety inspectors and other industry personnel. In-field technicians and inspectors can quickly update checklists based on the latest regulations and/or manufacturer instructions and be sent information and instructions instantaneously.

Past inspections are available as reference material alongside any necessary manuals for the electronics.

Visual checks can be done and recorded with a camera and picture annotation, or simple standardised response forms.

Technicians and Inspectors can also take advantage of taking their application offline, crucial when inspecting some electrical systems.

Where some situations require extra levels of safety inspection, users can use intrinsically safe devices, now much more widely available than in the past.

Pervidi is an easy way to go paperless. By digitalising tasks, inspections and work orders, it can create a diverse yet easy-to-use management system for processing audit, quality assurance, compliance and any type of inspection.
The unique and adaptable solution improves operational efficiencies, transforming paper-based activities to promote better utilisation of resources and enhancing of technical expertise.

Combining inspections, asset management, as well as a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), Pervidi is made up of two distinct interconnected systems; the mobile device application and a back-end management portal.

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