BuildingIQ has launched a managed services offering to simplify and automate processes for customers while at the same time optimise infrastructure.

There are four offerings to ensure the continuous health of a building’s HVAC system by leveraging the company’s operations team to optimize current assets, address inefficiencies, further increase occupant comfort and add additional transparency into energy savings.

It is also designed to further enhance the energy-saving capabilities of its Predictive Energy Optimization (PEO) platform.

The managed services offering is available to both existing and new clients and can either be implemented as a standalone service on the platform or in conjunction with PEO.

Following is an outline of each service offering:

Comfort Command Centre - BuildingIQ’s team of experts handle, assess and facilitate immediate resolution of occupants’ comfort complaints, freeing up valuable time for building personnel. BuildingIQ will also intercept grievances, diagnose root
causes, and work with the onsite building staff to rectify any issues.

Remote HVAC Controls - Available as a one-time or as-needed service, this offering provides a detailed assessment of a building’s HVAC controls system. Pending results, BuildingIQ will make the necessary adjustments to return operations
to peak performance levels. While results will vary, efficiency is predicted to improve by as much as 15 per cent from this assessment.

HVAC Controls Uptime Assurance - Through cloud-based remote access, BuildingIQ will continuously monitor performance at every level of operations, from entire building to individual controls throughout all hours of the day, looking for
inefficiencies that degrade performance. BuildingIQ will then work with building personnel to maintain peak performance.

Predictive Load Forecasting and Analysis -  BuildingIQ delivers daily assessments detailing how a building is consuming energy. As part of this service, customers will receive a notification explaining how the building performed, how this compares to expectations for the facility and a performance projection for the next 24 hours. Using this information, the building operations team can more easily assess the impact of operational decisions, identify anomalies and improve strategies for the future.

By utilizing these Managed Services along with the PEO platform, BuildingIQ customers will not only have access to the latest intelligent energy management software, but also to a fleet of industry experts who can further support and integrate with a building’s existing

BuildingIQ CEO, Michael Nark, said the PEO platform has saved millions of dollars in energy costs for commercial clients, all with minimal human intervention after set up. “We become an extension of the facility’s on-site team and we’re confident we’ll be able to increase both energy and cost savings for clients,” he said.

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